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Kevin Thomas is an illustrator & graphic artist from lansdale, pa. In 2011 he founded Studiohouse Designs In his kitchen while attending The prestigious Tyler School of art in Philadelphia. Upon his departure from Studiohouse, he went solo and rebranded as Death Kat Design. He was interviewed for the full length documentary "24 x 36" & his work can be found in the coffee table book "Alternative Movie Posters II: More Film Art From The Underground." He currently resides in the Philadelphia suburbs with his wife, two children & 2 dogs. during what little downtime he has he is a volunteer firefighter as well.


Past clients include:

  • Fangoria Magazine

  • AMC television

  • compass international (Halloween franchise)

  • Vinegar Syndrome

  • Gore Noir Magazine

  • zobie (Fright box, rasslin box)

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